Product Information


How are they packaged?

AlternativeElectrodes are shipped in resealable poly bags. Each bag contains 10 resealable packs of electrodes.

Each pack contains either 4 individual electrodes or 2 butterfly electrodes. All electrodes are reusable.

What connections are used - snaps or pins?

Either one. You can order speech electrodes that use min-snap connectors or wire leads with pin connectors. You need to match your electrode with the equipment (wire lead) you are using.

AlternativeElectrodes are designed to be used with the most popular e-stim devices on the market that are used to treat dysphagia. They have been successfully used by Speech Pathologists since 2006 in millions of swallowing treatments.

Do they include skin prep pads?

All packs of mini-snap electrodes include 3 skin prep pads. We assume that each pack of electrodes will be reused on a patient 3 times and then changed out for new electrodes.

Electrodes with wire leads and pin connectors do not include skin prep pads, but they can be ordered separately.

Do you carry wire leads?

Some. We carry wire leads that fit some of the older devices on the market. We can supply leads with either mini-snap or pin connections.

Leads can be very device-specific - not on the electrode side, but on the device side and it becomes very difficult to keep all styles in stock.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on whether our leads will fit your device.

Are Alternative Electrodes reusable ?


Alternative Electrodes were introduced to lower the cost of treating dysphagia. We do this by charging less for the electrodes and making them reusable (on the same patient).

The number of times they can be reused depends mainly on the patient. Many of our clinicians use our electrodes 2 or 3 times on the same patient. If the patient's skin is dry and in good condition they might be used more than 3 times. Extra skin prep pads are available if a clinician wishes to extend the use of the electrodes beyond 3 times.

Shipping & Payments

All shipments are done through FedEx so please be sure to provide a proper shipping address, not a PO box.

Shipping is usually ground shipping and costs $8.95 per shipment (not per bag). Shipping costs can be lowered by ordering more than one bag at a time.

Overnight shipping is available but charges vary widely and need to be addressed on an individual basis. Contact us directly if overnight shipping is required.

Credit card payments can be made directly through our shopping cart. Orders can also be processed without using credit cards by picking the "Print and Call" option upon checkout.

If you have a FedEx 3rd party shipping number please provide it and we will eliminate any shipping charges. If you want to use 3rd party shipping do not pay by credit card (use the "Print and Call" option or simply fax or email your order). Orders placed through the store with a credit card will automatically apply the shipping charges.

If you are tax-exempt and are in Flordia please use the "Print and Call" option and send me your tax-exempt certificate in a separate email. Florida sales tax is automatically applied to in-state orders if you pay by credit card.