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Personal Protection Equipment has been supplying high-quality medical electrodes to Speech Pathologists since 2006. Due to our current health emergency with the Corona virus we have switched some of our manufacturing capability to produce Medical Face Shields. If you have the need for some Medical Face Shields please send us an email using the email form below. Orders for Medical Face Shields are handled differently than orders for electrodes. This proprietary shield was designed in partnership with the Mayo Clinic Health System in Minnesota.

See Information Sheet in the "Downloads" section.

About Us


Speciality Electrodes LLC sells high quality silver-carbon electrodes to Speech Pathologists who are using e-stim to treat patients with swallowing disorders. We offer a variety of speech electrodes with both mini-snap connectors and pin-style lead connectors. They fit the most popular e-stim devices on the market today that are used to treat dysphagia.


Clinically Proven

Alternative Electrodes were first introduced to VitalStim-trained Speech Pathologists in November, 2006.  Since then they have been used safely and effectively for millions of swallowing treatments.  The proof is with the patient - these swallowing electrodes work and they work well. Many clinicians have said that they prefer them over other electrodes they have used in the past.  

Orders can be sent in by fax, email, phone or entered in our online store.


Cleared by the FDA

All electrodes sold by LLC are reusable, multi-purpose electrodes.They  have been cleared by the FDA for use on the face and the anterior portion of the neck and are used for the strengthening and reeducation of the muscles of the face and the throat.  

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